Seniors Cricket WA

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Seniors Cricket WA(SCWA) was formed in 2012 under the name West Australian Over 60s & 70s Cricket. The aim of  SCWA is to provide an opportunity for players and former players and lovers of the game to continue to be involved in competitive and social cricket.

In 2012 the first Seniors Cricket WA team competed in Div 2 of the Australian Seniors Cricket Championships held in Adelaide. 

In 2013 two WA teams competed, one in Div 1 and the other in Div 3 at the national Championships held on the Sunshine Coast.

In 2014 three WA teams competed in Divisions 1, 3 and the first WA over 70s team competed in the Over 70s competition at the Australian Seniors Cricket Championships in Casey/ Dandenong Victoria.

2015 again saw three WA Seniors Cricket teams competing at the Australian Seniors Cricket Championships in Hobart.

In November 2016 in Perth, WA Seniors Cricket will host the 11th Australian Seniors Cricket Championships incorporating over 60's and 70's players from all states of Australia.

It is expected a minimum of 36 teams will compete comprising at least 450 players accompanied by approximately 300 partners. It will be one of the biggest cricket Championships ever to be held in Western Australia.